My blog, my rant, my photography tips!

This blog is all about photography, i will give you tips about photography, share my photography travel, speak about material and i might write some rants about photography too.

I am actually writing some little book to teach photography in some specific situation, all will be on this photography blog when it will be ready, a link to the photography books to download will be put on the top in the main menu (where it's written "Home" etc ...) when it will be done.


Writing books about photography is a huge work, i never thought that it will take so much times, so just be patient it will come.


For today it's just about those few lines to try and start this blog, but i invite you to discover my gallery with a drink of your choice.

Photograph of a dring with a nice bokeh at the background
Photograph of a dring with a nice bokeh at the background © Patrice Laborda

Glass of Mojito with brown Rhum.

Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II : f/5, 1/2000s, ISO 100 @100mm.

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