Which camera brand do the best photographs ?

Photo of a camera, Canon's model: EOS 5D Mark II
Camera reproduction, EOS 5D Mark II © Patrice Laborda

When speaking about photography, cameras or photo material or when people ask some advices, it's typically the kind of question i heard almost all the time.


Seriously, is it your camera which take the picture or you ?

I do not know about you, but in my case, it is not the camera which take the picture, but me!

I do not not recall who's said:

"The most important in photography is not really the material, but the 20cm behind the viewfinder" and that, is a fact!

If 10 to 15 years ago, the brand name was important about some sensor's specifications in the beginning of the digital age, nowadays it's finish, all camera's brand are just excellent and produce even better photographs than the film days.


Having said that, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fuji or whatever ... it's not the brand the most important nor the body ... it is the lens you put in front of your camera !


Why ? Unless the law of physics have changed, if so, i am not aware about it, but what i know actually, it's that light pass always first by the lens before to hit the camera's sensor, and that is a fact too!


So which camera brand you should choose ?

When people ask me this kind of advice, i always answer the same way:

  • Choose carefully the brand, because later if you want to change to another brand and when you have many lenses adapted to the brand you have chosen, it can be an very expensive divorce if you are not happy with. So choose the brand non based on the specs of a particular camera, but based on the lens the brand can offer, and also on the general layout/ergonomic of the brand's camera fit the best for you.

  • The body is secondary, you can change it every year, but an exceptional lens can stand for the life and a sensor record only what the lens have projected to it.
  • Because the light pass always first by the lens before to hit the camera's sensor >> Put all your budget in the lens, not in the body !
    You will have, by far, a better image quality with an excellent lens mounted on a cheap entry level body than an expensive high end camera with a cheap average quality lens on it, in all cases!

You have some doubts with my advices ?

Ok, so take a look at this test on the DigitalRevTV channel.

Pro DSLR + Cheapo Lens Vs Cheapo DSLR + Pro Lens , and that is a fact too !

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