Digital Photo Artists: A bunch of thieves ?

Speed Art Photoshop
Screenshot of the video We are still alive by © Alex Koshelkov, a year ago the dowload link in the youtube description was working but the page was a payment page where you should enter your credit card ...

Some Digital Artists can have many faces, and not always the one we can often expect.


You can find theirs masterpieces on youtube, vimeo, etc ...


Usually, they call their art masterpieces, Speed Art or Manipulation Art or Photoshop Art, whatever, but i should said those guys are very talented, they are able to transform a bunch of pictures or part of pictures in an awesome photograph which look like it was captured in a fantasy world.

Those digital artists are able to manipulate pictures so much that theirs pictures have the Wow factor if their recipes are good, and some of them are excellent at manipulating images

But did you ever ask yourself where they get the RAW material, i mean all the pictures they use for their Art manipulation?

It's like in a restaurant, there is a chef cook and the chef cook need to have vegetables, meat, fishes, salt, pepper, oil, etc ... he need RAW materials to do his recipes.

So, the chef need to buy some vegetables, some good meats, some eggs, and to buy those ones, he need to go to the market and after he bought everything he needed from the merchants, he blend everything together with his own recipe and if the chef cook is an artist you got an excellent dish and you don't complain to pay for it, because it was simply excellent!

Here it's the same thing with those digital artists, they need RAW materials to do what they are doing, so they use Photoshop as a stove, the Artist take some pictures using Google Image (i saw it on some video), take more pictures also on FlickR or 500px, and when he has finished  to harvest internet to get his fridge full of contents, like the chef cook, he will blend all those pictures together and if the artist is good he got an incredible beautiful picture, that you can buy online.


A Picture that you can buy online ...

But did they bought the RAW materials they use to sell theirs final pictures ?


I made a comparison with a chef cook,  because to be a good chef you need to be an artist.

So can you imagine a chef cook going to the market, taking all what he need to cook without paying the merchants and after he sell the dishes he made?

i will be very curious to see how the different merchants will behave, because there is many words for that, when you take something without permission or legal right  it is called: steal, spoil, rob, thief, and so on, and no i didn't said that they all do it!

But for those digital artist who steal photographs, it's where my rant will start ...


Screenshot of the first video "Ghost in the Shell", you can see what kind of picture collection he have and also some torrent files too.
Screenshot of the first video "Ghost in the Shell", you can see what kind of picture collection he have and also some torrent files too.

I know what you will tell me ...

- They can have taken the photographs they need on free stocks photo websites!


Seriously, you never went on free stock photography websites ! if you can find just one picture usable in those kind of video without searching at least 3 days and night... i want to see it because i won't believe it.


Do not make me wrong, i didn't said that Alex Koshelkov nor CreativeStation, which i suppose are exactly the same person because all the links link to the same website, are thieves, but when i see the screenshot of their folders like above, with some torrent files, something tell me that the way they got the pictures is not so kind.


Screen shot of the first video "Ghost in the Shell" where some photographs are copyrighted by the car's brand
Screen shot of the first video "Ghost in the Shell" where some photographs are copyrighted by the car's brand

Please do not tell me that those cars was taken from a free stock photo website or they bought it, as a photographer we can see clearly that those pictures cannot come from a free stock photos !


This screen shot was taken from the video of CreativeStation Ghost in the Shell (the first one and even "ghost in the shell" ... like the famous manga ... not so creative!) which is Alex Koshelkov the same person who did Luftbanza Airlines (the second video)


Worst ... they are not even ashamed at all, on some video you can see clearly they are browsing Google image, to take what they need!

So until those digital artists can prove that they bought or have a written authorization about the photographs-ingredients they needed to cook those beautiful images, they are basically thieves without any regards for the rights of people who have shot the pictures they are using in their digital arts, and for the least but not the last, let's go for the last straw:

They do not forgot to put "their own copyrights" on those blended stolen pictures !

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