GIMP versus Photoshop : When G'MIC reconciled me with GIMP

G'MIC the filter effects specialist for GIMP
G'MIC the filter effects specialist for GIMP

You know already what i am thinking about GIMP the image manipulation and photo editing free application.

My love for GIMP fade away long time ago for many reasons, like the antic user interface, its very slow processing, no RAW photo support, impossibilities to see all the thumbnail in a folder when you are browsing a folder with GIMP, and all other thing which made GIMP cumbersome and slow you down at almost every single step of your workflow which a contrario Adobe Photoshop try to respect your workflow and even help you to go faster.


But GIMP can have some plugins installed in it, like UFRaw for the RAW photos support or G'MIC.

I had always G'MIC installed with GIMP on my computer, but i never use it, you know it's free so why not to have it, even if we never take a look at it... the human nature, and Adobe Photoshop has plenty of filters and special effects.

Because my insatiable curiosity push me to see what G'MIC is really about, recently i went thru g'mic and i should say "what a good surprise"!


So i started to play with some filters, effects and special function, and it was like i was discovery a totally new software.


OK, the user interface of G'MIC look as antic as GIMP itself, and the preview window is not always working as intended and has often some glitches, but the functions-options and the almost endless filters, layouts and special effects are surprisingly huge, well made and for a lot of them, quite unique! Adobe Photoshop should be scared about it.


So if you are a fan of GIMP or if you are like me, and do not know G'MIC and want to give a second chance to GIMP, install and try G'MIC, you will not regret it.


G'MIC website

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