How to win a lot of awards with your photos ... Easily!

Incredible in less than 3 days i won more awards than the last 3 year
In less than 3 days i won more awards than the last 3 years, i wonder

Getting a photo award winning for one photo is not easy, at all ! So imagine if you can win a lot of awards for a lot of photos, even a lot of awards per photo, i will say "it's mission impossible" on a normal voting photography website (but is there one normal photo vote website out there ?).

I spent the last 3 days testing some photo award voting websites i just discovered, and you know what ? in less than 3 days i won a lot more photographic awards than the last 3 years... Unbelievable!

And i started to win those photo awards from the first day ... when i understood how their voting system worked (around 30 minutes after i signed up).


So if you need to increase your ego, and show to people that even your worst pictures can win a photo award, i will explain you how to easily win many awards for your photographs and snapshots on a specific photo voting system website.


But before let's explain the true value of those photo's awards of this specific website.

List of photo awards won
The very attractive magic bar with all the awards displayed on the user home page, make you proud but will also bring you back

If it's for your personal ego only, it can be OK, but let's be frank there is no meaning behind those kind of pseudo photo awards.


In the first days the problem is: it's like a drug or an addiction, you become awardcoholic, you're intoxicated by those fake awards, because before you never get awarded so easily. On this website you feel like you can finally touch the rewards you think you deserve, but you will lose your time, and it's made for... to bring you back.


In the beginning, no need to say that my ego increased by 100 000%, when i saw the tomorrow, that i already won 7 awards for the few photos i have posted the first day, and few hours later 3 more photos were awarded, so i checked against what kind of pictures i won ... and here is the big free fall!


After being honored to receive all those photo awards, i get deeper in the system to understand why during all my life, i didn't won many photographic awards for every single photograph i snapped out of my camera, because at this rate i should have gotten a million of photography awards.

Pixoto interface where very strange things happen
Pixoto interface where very strange things happen ... often

Here again the big surprise, especially when i saw some of the other winners, it was so scary that i felt down from my chair and my ego felt down deeply, even deeper than it was before all that. 


The voting system: To resume it in just one word ...

It's a joke, and we can see it at the result, photocraps get so easily awarded!


So how they do it?


Let first explain the system: it's a duel. It's your picture against another picture, you click on the best picture you want to vote for (i read on their forum that people click on the worst picture to let their own picture have a chance if this picture is presented against their own)... but let's get back on the subject:

  • To post a picture you need credits (between 10 and 25), to get credits you need to vote.
  • To get in a contest you need credit, to get credits you need to vote.
  • To boost your picture to the votes you need credits, to get some credits you need to vote...
  • and so on.

So what people do? they vote all the time to win credits, each vote give you 1 credit, no limitation to vote, and in less than 15 minutes you can get around 300 credits. But there is no specific category you can choose to vote, this is where the system fail in my opinion, it put 2 pictures in front of you and you chose one, next, choose one, next, choose one, next.


With no category we like to vote, all the different categories are presented to you vote after vote without any choice, so at one point you do not care about what you are voting for, because you are not interested in the kind of pictures you are looking at.


It's very scary ... what kind of photo award we are voting for ?
It's very scary ... what kind of photo award we are voting for ?

Let's give an example : i don't care about the illustration category like the screenshot on the side, but...

If i click the button "skip" i don't win credit, if i skip 3 times in a row, the system do not offer me the button "skip" again, so i vote for whatever is the nearest of my pointer ... and it is all like that !

Even worse, more than 80% of what was presented to me to vote were craps, at the end you cannot vote correctly, you just don't care and you just want credits! So if this thing and feeling happen to me, for sure it happen to almost everybody!

As you can see those pictures have a lot in common to vote in a duel
As you can see those pictures have a lot in common to vote in a duel

At the end, i have put my 6 years old son in front of the computer and he voted for me (in less than 15 minutes i got around 500 credits) and he was happy to see a lot of pictures.


Also each comment give you 1 credit, but you don't really care about that, the ratio "time to write" and get 1 credit is not good.


Now here is the secret you was waiting for:

When you got a lot of credits after spending 5 to 10 minutes to vote (like 200 credits), spend them to upload one and only 1 picture and immediately buy a duel-boost of 160 credits for the picture you just uploaded.


Another secret is to keep at least 160 credits, to boost again any of your pictures when the initial boost is finished, but this second boost is only for the picture who won more than 700 points, if under 700 points, i recommend to stop everything to keep your good position, because in all cases between 600 and 700 your photo will get an award, even more than one. But if you send you pictures again and again to the vote, people who already voted for your photo might and certainly will vote against you if they see it too often during they are voting.


If you are under 550 points, i recommend to hit the button "Resubmit" and buy the 160 credits the duel booster, especially if your picture don't reach at least 500 points after to have finished the initial duel boost, because it depend also at what time you have uploaded your picture!


Europeans vote differently than north america which also vote differently than Asia, it's all about culture and state of mind. Your picture might not be liked by European, but might have a lot of success in Asia for example. And for that matter, after 24h if you do not reach 550-600 points hit the button Resubmit.


You need also to get in all the contests you can get (it cost between 10 to 25 credits per contest) because even if you are in the top 10% you will be awarded for the contest too.

But the contest do not depend on the vote in the contest itself, it still depend on the "Image Duel" voting system, so if your picture is in a contest "underwater", people who vote will see your underwater picture against a picture of a sleeping baby for example, or against a sunset landscape, or even against a Black and White street photo.


If there is a way to compare oranges and apples on this website they found the best way! It's crazy, no ?


But the craziest of this website pseudo photo contest is ... at least 1 out of 5 picture receive an award and not only one time.
Just do the counting, they have the "in the 20%" award of the day, in the 20% of the week, 20% of the month and of the year too, and this pseudo award is given in each category and all the contests. So at least 1 out of 5 image will receive an award!

This is why it's so easy...


And the most of the most unbelievable, is that people who put a picture in a contest or a category, can vote for this contest or category, yes you read well: People who put a picture in a specific contest or a specific category can vote for this specific contest or specific category...

You want that i rephrase it ? OK, in other words: Allowing people to vote in a contest they are in, it's allowing to cheat by voting with a negative vote on the other pictures which are more beautiful than yours in any categories and any contest, because you can vote in these categories your are in... that's unbelievable!!


And the last but not the least secret: Be very-very careful about the depth of field, people don't understand it, at all! So if you have a picture with a shallow DoF on the face of an animal, showing just the eyes in focus for example, you will got a lot more negative vote! I tested it ...


The tests i was speaking to win a lot of photo awards, in just few days, were made on this site: so, go and win a lot of photographic awards too!

The last words... If you like cats and dogs, you will be overwhelmed voting for cats and dogs, if you like single flowers you will be overwhelmed voting single flower, if you like photocrap, you will be overwhelmed voting photocrap against rare photograph... and that, i can guarantee it to you !

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Thank you for your support.

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