André Vicente Gonçalves: Windows of the world.

Windows of the world photo
Photographer André Vicente Gonçalves and its creative photos of "Windows of the world".

Some photographers are so creative, they deserve that we speak about them, and photographer André Vicente Gonçalves is one of them with its "Windows of the world" photography project.

Who is André Vicente Gonçalves ? He is a Portuguese Photographer, but he began to study computer science in the University of Évora and went also to the University of Trento in Italy. During this time he realized that he didn't like computers, so he applied for a Photography Bachelor’s Degree in the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies where he finished with honors.


Gonçalves writes in his website about windows of the world: “I find it amusing that a small piece of glass between the interior and exterior of a house gives us the feeling of security and also the way that the house owners can be identified by their choices on their concept of beauty and architecture of the windows”.

Photographer Gonçalves tiled up all those photo windows from across the world in a pattern alike way absolutely gorgeous, he assembled and mixed thousands of pictures by cities or regions.


"The result of the series is a study in urban architecture and aesthetics to highlight the uniqueness of the world" write Gonçalves.


If you like this kind of photographic work, like "Windows of the world", I invite you to visit the website of Photographer André Vicente Gonçalves where you can see all about its "Windows of the world" project (more than 30 photos made with collage by towns).

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