Free Online Face and skin touch up, Makeup, lipstick and hair retouch.

Free online makeup, retouch, blemish removal and all face and skin lifting and coloring.
Free online makeup, retouch, blemish removal and all face and skin lifting and coloring.

Here are listed and reviewed some free online virtual makeup software, where you can apply lipstick effect, or whitening teeth, and other face or facial touch up and skin care photo enhancement on your image.

Portrait makeover and facial lift up for photo with blemishes removal, pimple removal, face lifting and portrait enhancement.


1) Makeovr Free Online Makeup and face retouch application.

Makeovr a surprisingly good makeup and skin care software
Makeovr a surprisingly good makeup and skin care software

The Makeovr website is a surprisingly good and well made free online makeup artist software, with skin powder, lipstick, face touch up, skin care, hair, eyes makeup and even nails retouch.

Makeovr is so simple with a lot of options for each tool that's a "tour de force" in my opinion because it stay simple to use for the user like me.


You just need to care about the dot you place on the portrait (you have always an example during the placement) and if you did right, after it's just about playing and testing when you do the makeup.


It save your picture at 1600 pixels, but the advantage during the saving part, Makeovr let you also choose to save each single step of your photo makeup.

The main feature of Makeovr are :

  • Face.
  • Eyes.
  • Lips.
  • Skin care.
  • Hair.
  • Nails.

You can get this application for your own website >>

2) Befunky free online Portrait touch up and makeup artist editor.

Makeup and touch up a portrait with Befunky
Makeup before and after with Befunky

The free online portrait touch up Befunky is very well featured with makeup and touch-up tools to remove wrinkles and add some makeup on a portrait.

Retouching a photo with Befunky is very easy, maybe one of the most user friendly user interface, Befunky is featured with brushes to perfect your portrait retouch.

Befunky is featured but not limited with:

  • Wrinkles fix.
  • Blemish fixer.
  • Bronzer, skin whitener.
  • Blush tool.
  • Mascara.
  • Eyebrow pencil.
  • Lipstick tool.
  • hair color.
  • Slimming and reshape tools (to look thinner).

3) PhotoCat photo editor and facial touch up and face makeup.

Photocat has a set of makeup tools extremely powerful
Photocat has a set of makeup tools extremely powerful

Photocat makeup is a part of the photo editing suite of Photocat, and this is where Photocat shine the most!


Photocat retouch, touch up or makeup, call it as you which, has brushes and options to truly do a makeup on your photograph.

Intensity, spreading and so are some of the options you can find on the brushes of photocat facial retouch.

The main makeup and touch up features of Photocat are :

  • Slimming (weight lost).
  • Facial and skin spray tan, blemish removal, smooth skin, blush.
  • Eyes enlarger, colour, mascara, red eyes.
  • Mouth and lips tint, lipstick.

4) Fotor retouching facial touch up and makeup.

Fotor retouching facial makeup and touch up
Fotor retouching facial makeup and touch up

Fotor retouching is a specialized part of the Fotor website for facial retouch, makeup and touch up.


Fotor’s Beauty Feature has everything from blemish removal to red eye correction, hair color and much more.

Fotor is featured with brushes and opacity to apply a nice makeup like it was made before the picture. The main touch up and makeup tools are :

  • Face blemish removal, anti-wrinkles, blushes control, reshapes, clone, weight lost.
  • Eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye tint, red eye remover.
  • Mouth and lips tint, teeth whitener.

5) TAAZ the excellent free online Makeover and hairstyle.

TAAZ is an excellent online makeup and hairstyle software
TAAZ is an excellent online makeup and hairstyle software

TAAZ was a very good surprise when i discovered it, it is fun very easy to use, but very effective and well made.

TAAZ features a lot of makeup effects, and you can also change the hairstyle of the portrait with a full control to fit the hairs around the face in the best way. TAAZ accept any JPG at the max size of 4000 pixels at the widest, and will save your picture at only 1024 pixels (certainly due to the hairs stickers).

The main features of TAAZ are:

  • Face foundation, bronzer, blush, and concealer.
  • Eyes shadow, eyeliner, mascara contact lenses, red eye removal, eyebrows shaping.
  • Mouth lipstick, gloss, liner, teeth whitening, lip plump.
  • Change hairstyle, color your hairs.
  • Put sunglasses or eye glasses (with very high precision!).
  • Celebrities look.

6) Makeup from an online one click full makeup.

Makeup from does a good job even if options are limited
Makeup from does a good job even if options are limited

Makeup from is a one click photo touchup and makeup, even less than one click, just upload your picture and Makeup from will automatically apply all its touchup filters.


The downside to have our pictures touched up in less than one click is the lack of options and choices, but you can uncheck or check some checkboxes if you like or do not like an effect.

Makeup from is featured with :

  • Skin makeup.
  • Shine remover (useful for pictures taken with a flash).
  • Wrinkle smoothing.
  • Red eye remover.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Glamour effect.
  • Color enhancement.

7) Toolpic Beauty, beautify all portrait photos.

Toolpic Beauty
Toolpic Beauty

The Toolpic Beauty function is especially made for portraiture photography to enhance all the portraits on any photos.


This simple to use beautify portrait on a photo function, is well featured with brushes, the clone tools to erase or remove acne, suppress the red eyes, enlarge eyes. Toolpic beauty can also whiten teeth, enhance lips and so on...

  • Make a face thinner.
  • Remove acne.
  • Change skin color.
  • Change hair color.
  • Whiten teeth.
  • Enlarge eyes.
  • Red eyes.
  • Gloss lips.

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